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Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is at the heart of many social events in American society, but unfortunately, heavy or frequent drinking can cause the body to become dependent on this substance. Dependence is a chemical change in the brain that makes it hard for a person to stop using alcohol on their own. When they try, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of alcohol detox are often similar to those of withdrawal. This process can be painful and hard to manage without ample support and guidance. An alcohol detox program may help reduce the risks and help to ensure the detox process is a success. Addiction Rehab Centers can offer the type of treatment you need to reach these goals. Please get in touch with our team today at 844.910.0686 for more information about our treatment programs.

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

What do you feel when you stop using alcohol for any length of time? If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, you may feel pain and other notable changes in your body. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Rapid or abnormal heartbeat
  • Hallucinations and seizures
  • Tremors and shaking
  • Gastrointestinal changes
  • Heart palpitations

Some people also experience seizures, which can be life-threatening. For those who have used alcohol for a long time, there is also the risk of psychosis and intense cravings that make it nearly impossible to avoid returning to use. Other times, people have increased blood pressure. Other times, individuals may have an extremely high fever, which can be pretty uncomfortable and lead to numerous complications. Through an alcohol detox program, it is possible to mitigate the symptoms of alcohol detox and get through the process safely and in relative comfort.

How Long Alcohol Withdrawal Lasts

It can be challenging to define how long it takes for a person’s body to go through the detox process. It is a natural process, but a number of factors can determine the length and severity of withdrawal. Many people go through several stages of withdrawal.

The first is a mild set of symptoms that can occur when a person stops drinking. This can happen in as little as 8 hours for the last drink and may include symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and gastrointestinal distress. People move through the next stage as symptoms increase in severity. During this stage, many people experience low-grade fevers, rapid heart rate, and confusion. This can last between 1 and 3 days. The symptoms can worsen over the next week and include seizures, hallucinations, and disorientation before tapering off.

Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms can last much longer. Some people experience them for months. They can also improve and seem to get worse again. Often people report that these symptoms change in intensity but also in the way they feel. You could experience many changes through the detox process.

Getting Into an Alcohol Detox Center Can Help You

When you recognize these symptoms, also think about what they mean. They mean that alcohol has changed the way your body and brain work. Addiction is a complicated and dangerous disease often fueled by several potential complications. That’s why it is so critical to ensure you always have access to the highest level of support possible.

In an addiction detox center, you’ll have medications and therapy to help minimize the pain and discomfort you feel. You may even be able to embrace therapy more fully because you’ll have resources that can help to mitigate the intense pain and cravings you feel.

Call Addiction Rehab Centers for Help Today

When you see the symptoms of alcohol detox and withdrawal in yourself, you may know that it is time to do something about it. Don’t continue to struggle and relapse on your own. Instead, seek out tried and true treatments that can help to change your future and give you a better opportunity to heal. Our team at Addiction Rehab Centers offers support through a comprehensive program. To get started, call us now at 844.910.0686 or connect with our team online.

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